Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

The mission of FastDrive Rideshare is to provide dependably safe and flexible transportation solutions that directly benefit our nation’s former military personnel and other worthwhile charitable organizations. Through unique employment and work opportunities, we will provide FastDrive a chance to earn more money and control their own futures. Our specialized transportation options allow each rider more flexibility than other transportation services. Since passengers’ needs change depending on the situation, we offer a wide array of services allowing members a substantial savings. We provide a singular company to build a relationship with, instead of multiple providers to meet every need.

we want to help enrich the lives of those deserving few who have sacrificed and suffered so much to make and keep our country great, and safe. We salute our veterans, and dedicate our business to serving them.

Our mission is to provide the corporate culture that openly salutes and celebrates our nation’s .

Our Vision

The vision of FastDrive Rideshare is to create programs that offer stability and economic opportunity for our drivers while increasing the flexibility and depth in all we can offer. We will allow more rider-focused options than other transportation services and uniquely, we provide the chance for every ride to give something tangible back to the military men and women who have so selflessly served.

Our vision is to provide unique transportation options that will improve upon the lives, opportunities and possibilities of our passengers and our nation’s, fortified by every single ride every single day and in the underlying motives behind each new program we choose to offer.



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